Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Literacy Centers, Holiday Traditions Traveling, and a Freebie

This time of year is FLYING by in both our school and personal lives!  We are trying to fit in all of our fun holiday activities before the last day of school. (the 19th!!!!!)  At home we both have realized that, oops, Christmas is almost here and we might need to get to shopping!!
 I just ordered photo books on Snapfish yesterday and they are SUPPOSED to be here in time......fingers crossed!  Since we had the girls we do photo books for our parents and they love them, so I really need them to show up in time to be wrapped.  Just telling them the books are coming really doesn't cut it! :)
 My hubby has these grand visions of building our girls a little table and chairs to have in their room and getting them a tea set.  Adorable, but I am not sure when he will fit it in!  However, the furniture he wants to make is so cute and he said I could paint it however I wanted, so I am hoping he actually can find the time!  Oh well, they are pretty much currently just obssessed with emptying boxes,baskets, etc, and sitting in them so I guess if all else fails we could get them some empty boxes!  :)
On the school front we finished our It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Literacy Centers.  They go great with our It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Math Centers!  If you would like to check out either of them just click on the preview pics below!

We will give away a copy of the Literature Centers to the first person to comment about it!!!

We also have finished revamping our Holiday Traditions Around the World Unit!  We have done many of these activities with our kiddos for over 10 years and they always love "traveling" around the world to visit other countries and learn about their traditions!  If you would like to check it out just click on the preview page below!

We will give a copy of this away to the first person that comments about it!

We also want to give you a freebie from the literature centers!  Just click on either of the pictures below to head over to TPT and pick it up!

Enjoy and happy almost Christmas break!!!!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Currently, I only did that because someone told me to.... plus a freebie :)

It is December Currently time!  Yay!!!

My girls are LOVING helping with the tree this year!  They did laps around our main floor with beads until we got the ornaments out.  So stinkin cute!!!  Here is a pic the hubby caught of them with their beads.

(and yes we have already broken out the Santa and Christmas jammies at my house!!!  I can't get enough of my girls in them!!)

My girls are really into helping me with anything in the kitchen right now so I want to make cookies with them and then have them help me pass them out to some of our neighbors for our RAK activity!

Here is Katie's Currently!

I love this time of year before Christmas break.  We have so many fun things that I LOVE doing with the kiddos, but for some reason my group this year has set a new level of tattling and dislike for personal responsibility.  On top of that for some reason they have chosen this time of year to kick it into high gear!   I can't get a straight answer out of over 1/2 my class!  If I ask what that kiddo did they always answer with some version of, "so and so made me do it, told me to do it, everyone else did it too!", etc.  Grrrrrrr!!!!  I'm running out of ways to say, "I'm not asking about anyone else, I am only asking what you did". 

2 more weeks....2 more weeks....2 more weeks....

I am really looking forward to recharging over break and brainstorming some ideas on how to get through to these little darlings!!

On to a more fun topic!  My kiddos are obsessed with holidays (any of them!) and craftivities this year so I have been taking advantage of it big time!  For some reason they love to make seasonal craftivities with their spelling words on them and to have me hang them from the ceiling!  Hey, if it gets them to practice spelling I am all for it!!!  We did turkeys for Thanksgiving and wrote spelling words on the feathers and for Christmas we are getting ready to do a tree with ornaments tomorrow!  My kiddos saw a parent helper cutting out the pieces of the craftivity and have been talking about it all week!  If you would like to grab the pattern just click on the picture below!

(This is set to public so that anyone can have it, so if you get to google docs please just download.  You don't need to ask us to share....we already have!  :)

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