Saturday, June 28, 2014

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Happy Summer to all of you! We are both having a super busy summer at home with our own kiddos! Katie's youngest will be entering kindergarten next year so she is busy taking her kiddos to activities and play dates this summer. My twins just turned 3 and my little man just turned 1 so I am busy just trying to keep up with them!
Our friend Katie from KTP on TPT is having a 30th birthday giveaway that we are part of. You have got to stop by and check this giveaway out!
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bright Ideas Link Up-Supply Notes

   This month we have a very simple Bright Idea for you!  In our corner of the world 2nd graders run out of supplies constantly.  We are never sure if they have actually used them, lost them on the playground, given them all away to a friend, or eaten them! :)  What we do know, is that we used to spend a lot of time either having kiddos write notes home to their parents asking for supplies or emailing the parents ourselves. 
   So we finally decided to create a supply note.  It saves us SO much time! 
  We just print out a stack of them, clip them to the side of a file cabinet with a magnet, and show the kiddos where they are.  Now when they run low on pencils they just grab a note, fill in the appropriate sections, and take it home. 
Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy!!!!!
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Ideas Link Up Dismissal Sticks

Hello and welcome to another Bright Ideas Link Up!

I love writing these posts and I really love reading Bright Ideas posts from other bloggers.  I get some fantastic ideas that I can usually implement immediately into my classroom.
This month I am sharing how we dismiss our kiddos at the end of the day.  At my school K-2 goes out one door and 3-5 goes out a door on another side of the building.  We always have tons of parents waiting for their kiddos at the end of the day and it is a crazy mess of parents grabbing kids out of line to leave before they have checked out with the teacher, kids trying to run off to play on the playground, and older siblings trying to get back into the building through our door to grab a book they forgot from their classroom. 

Enter dismissal sticks!

The dismissal sticks are soooooooo simple and the key to our now smooth dismissal process.  They are popsicle sticks with the kiddos names and numbers on them.  They are handed out at the end of the day and the kiddos hold onto them.  At the end of the day we walk out to our class line, which is spray painted on the blacktop outside of our dismissal door.  Before they leave they have to raise their stick in the air and wait for a teacher to come and take it from them.  This way we can grab the stick, give the kiddo a handshake, hug, or high five, and make eye contact with the person who is picking them up.  This way we KNOW they have gotten to the right person for pick up. 
Another reason why we LOVE this idea is that it is brilliant for subs.  We all know our kiddos and could probably semi quickly determine who is missing if we can’t find a student, but a sub doesn’t know everyone’s names!  This way they can quickly look through the sticks they have collected and say they are missing number 5.  With a student list they can very quickly determine who number 5 is. 
This has been a total win win for our K-2 this year.  I would love to know if you have any other great ideas for dismissal!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Booking Across the USA- Kansas Sunflower Cookies!

Hello and welcome to Kansas on this stop of the Booking Across the USA tour!
I'm so glad that you stopped by to visit and learn a little bit more about our amazing state.
We were so lucky to be able to preview one book out of a fantastic set by Blue Apple Books.
This is the cutest book and I (of course) love the section on Kansas!
I have lived in Kansas for about 18 years and I still found some places that I want to take my family to visit by reading this page!

Every year our school learns about Kansas History and our kids always love it.  We always do fun projects and crafts along the way.  One great idea that I would like to share with you is Sunflower Cookies!  These turn out so cute and are such a fun and easy way to reinforce the Kansas State Flower.

You will need:
candy Corn
blueberries, brown M&M's, or chocolate chips (whichever you prefer)
sugar cookies 
white or yellow icing
something to spread icing with (at school we use popsicle sticks and at home my own kiddos spread icing with spoons)

1. Start with a round cookie.  I used a sugar cookie.

  2. Buy premade icing or make your own. Then either keep the icing white or add yellow food coloring to the icing.

3. Spread the icing onto the cookie.
4. Add candy corn around the edges and M&M's, chocolate chips, or blueberries in the center.
5. Enjoy your Kansas sunflower!!!

Make sure to click on the picture to head over and check out 49 other states that are participating in Booking Across the USA!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea Birthday Crown

Hello and welcome to another Bright Ideas Link Up! I hope you enjoy our Bright Idea and I am so excited to check out a ton of other bright ideas myself!
Please, please, please tell me that everyone has a box like this somewhere!!! Hopfully your isn't quite as messy as our is!  We are in the midst of packing up for a school renovation and this box seemed to explode!  Of course, putting border away is always like trying to catch a greased pig!
Have you ever finished putting border up on a bulletin board and wondered what to do with that little bit of leftover border?  It isn't enough for another board, but you feel like you are wasting money if you just toss it.  Well we have a solution for you!  Katie and I have always kept our leftover border...just in case.  Now mind you, just in case, didn't come very often, but we still kept it!  Then we finally came up with a great idea for it! 
What kiddo doesn't love wearing a birhday crown?? The problem that we have run into is that they are pricey!  As our school budgets have gotten smaller, so have our classroom spending budgets.  We now get $50 at the end of the year to spend on essentials for the beginning of the next year.  So we try to use it as wisely as possible. 
Enter the homemade birthday crown!!!  We let our kiddos pick out the type of border they would like from our leftovers box and then we turn it into a crown!  The kiddos love it because they pick the border and we love it because all we need to do for prep is to print some crown options on cardstock.  Easy peasy, mac and cheesy!!! Below are some of the different crowns we have used in our classrooms.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fine Arts Fair Night = Craftivity & Writing Mania

Tonight is our school's Fine Arts Fair.  Our band and orchestra will be performing and our Art teacher has been hanging some fantastic artwork all around the school.  Parents and kiddos will come to school tonight and enjoy walking around the school and looking at all the artwork.  
Of course the kiddos will be stopping in their classrooms to visit and pick up their artwork portfolios from their desks.  That means that we needed to get our rooms and pod hallways artified!  So Katie and I went crazy with our Spring Craftivity and Writing Activities!  We made sure that our pod hallways and classrooms were colorful and full of writing.  We think out kiddos will have fun showing off their artwork to their families tonight!  
Does your school have a Fine Arts Fair??

"Somebunny" Loves Me Craftivity and Writing Activity
"Chick" Out What We Love About Spring Craftivity and Writing Activity

 Something to Tweet About Craftivity and Writing Activity

If you would like to check out the bundle of all 3 spring craftivity and writing activities  click below!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Currently

It has been awhile, but we are actually trying to get back into the swing of things, by linking up with Farley's Currently!

Listening: I have twin girls who will be 3 June 1st and they are SO into telling each other jokes. They are also in love with Frozen.  So they tell each other jokes like, "Do you want to build a pineapple? Ride a pineapple cake up and down the hall?"  Then they laugh hysterically and retell the jokes.  They get giggling so hard that even my 10 month old now laughs along with them!  At almost 3 it seems that pineapple is one of the funniest words in the world!  Who knew???   

Loving:  I love that we only have 2 months left of school and that April is always field trips galore month for 2nd grade at my school!!!  We have 3 planned already for this month and I have lots of great parent helpers.  This always help April fly by and then it is all the sudden....May!!!!

Thinking: My house could use a good spring cleaning and so could my classroom!  My house needs it because we have a 1st birthday coming up on May 30th and 2 3rd birthdays on June 1st. This equals tons of toys and we need to donate the ones they don't play with anymore to make more room!  My classroom needs cleaned out too! Time to send home all the teacher goodies I am done with to the houses of all my little girls who love to play teacher!!

Wanting: Starbucks...nuff said!

Needing: I NEED a to do list for home because I have Mommy ADHD and seriously move from dishes to diapers to bedtime without finishing anything!!! But I love to do lists, so maybe that would help me complete tasks???
I need a to do list for school because we are getting a HUGE remodel and we have to have our rooms completely emptied out by the end of the year.  This is going to be a big job!  Then on top of that I need to make sure that I have everything I need for the beginning of the year in boxes to take home in case the remodel runs long and we can't get into our rooms as early as we usually do.

Hours and Last day: May 22nd!!!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!  I love this class so much this year, so I am so excited to have a summer with my kiddos and am actually going to be job sharing 2nd grade with a friend next year, but I will seriously miss this class!

When do you get out??

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