Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bright Ideas Link Up-Neat and Tidy Supply Tubs

Hello!  Welcome to another Bright Ideas Link Up.  This is one of our favorite times of the month.  We both love reading all the Bright Ideas and getting to share  a small tip that works or us. 
This month's tip is another simple one!  We keep supply tubs on our kiddo's desks.  This year we each have 16 kiddos and our desks are set up in groups of 4.  In the middle of each group is a tub.  This is what is in each tub.  
Our Bright Idea fixes a problem that always happens.  We start off the year with tubs neat and organized and within a day or two our tubs are a mess!  Things are in the wrong spot and when the kiddos try to fix them they end up making an even bigger mess.  So we decided to take a picture of each of the tubs while it was organized and hang that picture on each tub.  We printed the above picture and tied it with ribbon on each of the tubs. That way the kiddos can always refer to the picture when organizing their tubs! Voila!  Easy for us and easy for them.
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