Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talent Show, Field Day, and Reading Celebration Day

This is going to be a CRAZY week! Yesterday we had our first and second grade talent show tryouts. These are always a hoot! Any first and second graders who want to try out get to perform in front of their peers, teachers, and of course, parents. You can't even imagine how many amazing jump rope, hula hooping, made up karate, and dance routines we get to enjoy!It is actually one of our favorite things to watch! We of course also sit there watching the cutie patootie first graders and crossing our fingers that we get this one or that one next year. There might also possibly be a few yikes moments as we watch some of the more active little cherubs and decide that we had better start mentally preparing ourselves with an extra dose of patience in case that one is in our class next year! My class had several acts and so did Katie's class. We found out today which acts made it to the "big" talent show, aka the all school talent show. Almost all of our kiddos made it and my class is going to be performing together also. My kiddos love the Good Morning song by Mandisa and got wind that there was a dance routine (zumba) on youtube. I gave in and showed it to them one day during indoor recess. They LOVED it!! I immediately had 20 little darlings begging to learn the dance and perform it in the talent show. Well, when they were that excited I had to give in! We practiced at indoor recess, in the few minutes of downtime before we went home, and some kiddos even practiced at home. I told our music teacher to NOT put us in the big show (I have to stand in front of my kiddos and do the dance too so that they get all the moves right) but she decided that my kiddos were so cute that she had to put them in. Of course they were soooooo happy excited bouncing off the walls thrilled that I had to give in. Even if it means that I will be in front of the whole school and tons of parents doing a dance... Even if what people will be looking at is my rear (not the best view) because I will be facing my kiddos who will be on the stage... Can you tell I am not bouncing off the walls thrilled myself!? But my kiddos are so excited and they are actually all working together and being sweet to each other, so what can you do!? Then today we had field day. Great...Fun... Exciting...Happy kiddos...EXHAUSTED TEACHERS!!!! Our PE teacher switched the format up this year and it was actually much nicer, but we still only got a total of 50 minutes break time and were outside all day with the whole school of children. AND it was really really warm today! Did I mention that I am tired? I just got my girls to sleep and plan on sleeping as soon as this is posted! At least until one of my girls decides they need fed! Tomorrow is reading celebration day and Katie and I sent home notes (last minute plan!) telling our kiddos that we were going to do camp read alot. The kids can bring a sleeping bag, flashlights, stuffed animal, pillow, and snacks and anytime that we are not in a reading assembly or award program we are going to camp out with good books in our classrooms! The kiddos are very excited which is going to make our day easier. It's the little things like this that get us through the last 5 & 1/2 days!!! We hope your last few days of school are going smoothly and that you get to do fun activities and just enjoy your kiddos before summer. Glitter Words
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  1. So cute!! We unfortunately aren't having a talent show :( the school voted for 'pearl idol' instead. It's still cute, but what about those that can't sing? (like me!!)

    Jessica Stanford