Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reindeer Food Freebie

Hello!  Happy almost Friday.  I am short a babysitter tomorrow so I get to take the day off and stay home with my girls!   I don't love doing sub plans, but I was actually excited when my hubby said he couldn't take the day off because of meetings and that I would get to stay home!   I love getting to be home for something besides my girls or myself being sick.

Katie just finished up our reindeer food buddy activity that we are going to be doing with our 5th grade buddies.  This would be a fun activity with just your class or with a buddy class.  Just click on the picture below if you would like to grab it!

Happy almost weekend!!!

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  1. Very cute! I think I'm going to have my fourthies make these with their kindergarten buddies :) Thanks for the freebie!