Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Slowly, but Surely!

I absolutely love my class this year. I absolutely love being mommy to 3 little bitties at home. I love my job. I love creating things for TPT. However, I AM TIRED! :) Is anyone else there with me??? :)

I feel like I can't catch up on enough sleep to be well rested no matter what I do! Hmmmm..I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I have 3 under 2&1/2 and also hang out with 2nd graders all day long. Anyone who says that being a teacher, babysitter, nanny, (basically anything with children) is an easy job is just nuts!!! To be patient with kiddos, love on them all day, and still teach them what you have to teach them is WORK!! I would love to challenge those people to spend a day in my classroom (even with great kiddos!!!) and then go home and hang out with my kiddos for the rest of the night. I'm sure no one would ever again tell me that I had a walk in the park job! :)

My plan next year is to, hopefully, go part time and have more time with my own children. I don't think this will make me any less tired, or have any more time to create products. However, I do think it will give my more time to love on my own children and to be less stressed/guilty about not getting enough time with them.

So after hearing all about how tired I am, I am sure you will appreciate the fact that I actually finished some products for TPT that have been on the back burner for FOREVER!!!!!! If you are interested in checking any of them out just click on the picture and head over to TPT to check them out.

Can you tell that I have a slight obsession with Krista Wallden's Superhero clipart!  Seriously, it is too cute!!!!

If you would like a chance to pick one of these products for free just leave a comment. I will put numbers in a hat and let my girlies each pick one out sometime on Thursday evening. Please make sure to leave your email address so that I can send you your choice if you are a winner!

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  1. These all look amazing and very useful! I'm right there with ya on being tired and I don't have three little ones at home. Hang in there!

  2. Love the clipart on your Superhero Regrouping with Addition Task Cards.

    1. One of my girls picked your number out of the hat! Let me know which of these products you would like and your email and I will send it your way!

  3. Everything looks great! I have a task card obsessions and will be picking these up!

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  4. I don't have three little ones OR write a blog and I am tired! (Or old...) I would love the chance to win your Addition and Subtraction Math Printables...we can always use more practice!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  5. Amazing! Would love to win one of your math packs!

  6. I love all of these packs ! The task cards look amazing!

    1. One of my girls picked your number out of the hat! Let me know which product you would like and I will send it your way!
      Lisen :)

  7. I would LOVE these for my 2nd graders! :) Thanks!!


  8. I would love the addition with regrouping task card set!!! These look awesome!!!