Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big shot visitor and busy, busy, busy!

I am lucky enough to live about 3 minutes from my school (no, not in the actual attendance area!) so Katie and I ran to my house to grab food for lunch and blog. Are we officially obsessed if we go home to blog during our lunch hour??? We had a big shot visitor today. He is the head of elementary in our district. He came by to visit and see all the wonderful, fun student activities amazing, original ideas we are implementing required district objectives being taught. He of course decided to ask one of my clueless darlings what they were doing that day during reading. My little cherub answered with, "our work". When prompted again he said, "writing stuff we are supposed to". When asked a different way he responded with, " using pencil, skinny black marker, colored pencil, not marker, on the pictures". Hmmmmmm...not exactly the objective we were actually working on. But on the upside he does know my expectations for good, detailed pictures!! Katie was teaching a great Nate the Great lesson with dictionary guide words. Super cute and she made all the materials herself. The kiddos loved it! Of course the big shot only stopped in long enough to see her reading a story to the kids!!!! Grrrrr... we really don't want someone to observe the whole day, but really, does a 2 minute walk through give an accurate pic of what we are really teaching??? On to more fun topics! We have been busy, busy, busy the past few days! We had a field trip to Science City on Thursday, which was GREAT! On Friday we had an inservice day, which was.....not quite as much fun. Are they ever fun??? We got to go were able to attend were required to go to a mandatory common core language arts meeting. We implemented common core math this year and will start the implementation of language arts next year. Then in 2014 we get a new reading series. I have a love/hate relationship with new series. It is so fun to get new stories, but so hard to say goodbye to the old favorites! Our favorite thing we learned at inservice was that we DON'T have to finish the last 2 stories in our current reading book! Yay!!!!! Both of us rushed back after the morning sessions and raided our school library for our favorite books to use for the rest of the year instead! That actually did get us really excited about the last month of school! We also have a freebie for you! It is a regrouping with subtraction activity. Click here to grab it!
We have also completed our End of Year Fun Unit. It has tons of activities that we love to do with our kiddos at the end of the year. Click here to check it out on TPT!
As always we LOVE comments! We are also loving that we have found some great blogs we didn't know about by reading your comments!!! Glitter Words
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  1. I don't like when visits are unannounced or so short. I know looking around my room, they should be able to see evidence of a lot of our learning, but sometimes they happen to be around at the most 'typical' of times! I want them to see the new ideas I have, or the exciting lessons instead of the spelling pre-test.

    Thanks for the freebie! My kids can ALWAYS use practice on this :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Wow! How awesome to live so close to school you can grab some lunch!! I love the comments your little Darlin' gave the "Big Shot"! Sounds like some answers some of my kiddos would give! LOL!