Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upcoming Giveaway and Student Teacher idea

We are so excited that we are already at 40 followers! We have had so much fun doing this blog. We love that we get to share the things that we are doing and that we have gotten a chance to meet so many of you through your blogs. We are planning a giveaway when we get to 50 followers. We have a 31 consultant friend sharing an item, our End of Year Fun unit, and a school related item all ready to go once we get to the magic 50! Sooooooo.... if you want to tell your friends (bloggy & the ones you see often!) :) to follow us we will get to the giveaway even sooner!! My student teacher's last day is Friday. :( I have missed my kiddos and have loved having taken back over my class, but I will miss the chance to get so much done during the school day! I always love to do something fun on my student teacher's last day. One of my favorite things to do is to have my kiddos make an class book. It is full of what a 7 or 8 year old sees as great advice on how to be an awesome teacher. I always have some kids who come up with off the wall funny things. When I student taught my cooperating teacher had the kids make me a We Will Miss You book at the end of my time with them. One of the little darlings in that class wrote that I was the best student teacher she had ever had ( Aaaaawwwwww, how sweet!!!!) then she followed that lovely line up with..,"you are also the only student teacher I have ever had", Ha!!!! I still have that book and I love that page the most. I think that is when I knew that 2nd grade would be my favorite grade of all time. 11 years later I can still say I love this age!! Click here to grab your freebie student teacher class book.
***BTW...Is anyone else having trouble having spaces show up in their posts???? It shows spaces when I am writing, but no matter what I do it all runs together on the actual post!! Any ideas on how to fix this??? It is driving me batty! :)**** Enjoy, and we still love comments!!! Glitter Words
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