Monday, October 22, 2012

Giveaway winner, Conference Freebies, and We Have Been Boo'd!

First of all we have a winner of our 350 follower giveaway!  The winner is Ellen Yucht!  Congrats Ellen!!!  We will be contacting you today so that you can start receiving AND picking all of your prizes!!

We also were Boo'd by Sara at Miss V's Busy Bees!  This is a different boo then the one that we received early, but just as much fun!  One of the fun aspects of this Boo is that you get to pick a product from the person who Boo'd you!  Sara has so many great things in her store, but we had to pick her Making Words All Year Long unit!  This will be great for our Word Work Center!!!  We somehow made the picture blurry...but you can still click on it to head over to Sara's store and check it out if you would like!!!

Here's how to play.  Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers, another that has about the SAME number of followers, and last, someone that has LESS followers.

Highlight their blogs with links to encourage others to check them out.  Don't forget to let your fellow bloggers know that you shared about them. 

Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."

Here are my three.  Just click on their button to check out their blogs.

We are sharing the love with the following 3 bloggers!

Jodi at Southern Sweetie in Second.  For some reason we have thought this is a fun blog name since we first found her!!  It is catchy!!  She also has some really cute noun poster freebies up for grabs right now, so pop on over and check her out!
April from Wolfelicious.  This is another great blog that you will want to visit!

Halle and Jenna from Across the Hall in 2nd Grade.  They are second grade coworkers with a blog could Katie and I NOT love that!!!! :)

We have also won 2 AMAZING giveaways lately! Woo hoo!!!!!!!  If you haven't had a chance to check out these wonderful bloggers should!!!!

 Aaaaaannnnnnddddd...last, but not least, conference freebies!
I'm not sure where my picture of this went...but you can click here to grab our 2nd grade book list if you want to share it at conferences.  It has a list of favorite picture books, easy chapter books, chapter books, and authors that are usually a hit with second graders.  Our parents usually love getting this and take it to the library with them!

We give grades for reading, math, and spelling in our district so we do a grade card at a glance to give parents a quick visual of these three grades and percentages.  (This is usually the only thing they are really interested in on the report card!!!)  If you could use this just click on the picture and you can grab it!
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  1. Hello All...I would love to play in your "Boo Party" so if you are looking for someone with very little followers...THAT'S ME!!!!!!! I just started my blog yesterday and am looking for some "blog BOO love" Come and visit me...


  2. I love the grade card! I have my first conference tomorrow and this will be great!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing giveaway!!! I won, and I am so thankful!!!!! I love your blog, and follow daily!!!!