Thursday, October 18, 2012

Short week & Sight Words

Hello! This is our conference week and we only had 3 days with kiddos! We worked all day Wednesday and then went straight into conferences after the kiddos left. At 830 at night we finally got to head home. Today we didn't have to get here until 11, but we are here until 8 pm. Then we are OFF on Friday! Woo hoo!!!!! On top of that Monday is a professional day for us so no kiddos then too!

We are always slammed on Wednesday and even more so this year because of Monday being a day off for the kiddos. Everyone is taking advantage of 5 days off in a row and trying to go on vacation. So I had 12 conferences yesterday back to back! I have 7 today, but they don't start until 5. So my own kiddos came up to have lunch with me and then went home for a nap around 12. I love this since I won't be home until after their bedtime :( However, from 12-5 I have plan time because of my conference schedule. CRAZY! In a GOOD way! If I could have a 4 day week with kiddos and an entire day of plan time every week I think I could compete for teacher of the year! Or at least not feel like a chicken with my head cut off most days! Seriously, I know that is every teacher's wish..more plan time! Wouldn't it be great if the head honchos could actually do something about it! :)

So in our district we have High Frequency/Sight Words for 2nd grade. (they change what they call them every so often, but they are always the same thing!!!) They aren't as big of a focus as they are in K and 1st, but we still want to have our kiddos master them. So for years we have used a system that allows our wonderful parent helpers to be in charge of this for us! We love it, because it is a HUGE time saver and our parents love it because any time they get to work with kidos when they are volunteering they are happy!

We basically have all of our sight word paraphernalia in a basket for our parent helpers. We usually each have 1-2 parents each year that we put in charge of the sight word testing and then we only have to explain the set up one time to each of them! After the explanation they just grab the basket when they come in and off they go! In the basket we have our words and phrases separated by list in baggies, a checklist, envelopes with lists for kiddos to take home when they get stumped, certificates, and keychains. (You can find out what they keychains are for here)

We put all of this together and have it for sale in our store now.  It also includes headings for a words wall and cards for a word wall if you want to have the words on your word wall!  The only thing it doesn't include is the keychains!  The sight word unit is also available for 1st grade!
If you want to check it out click on any of the pictures!!

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  1. Love the organization, & how it's super easy for parents to take over! Nicely done, as we do go over sight words, too (I teach 2nd grade also)!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  2. Hello Katie & Lisen! Just wanted to stop by and say I BOO'd you in a different game than the one you BOOed me in! Come by my blog and participate if you'd like! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees