Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Day Jimmy's Boa ate the Wash freebie

Hello and happy Tuesday!
I am having a pretty good week so far!  One of my high maintenance kiddos moved to the school that he should have been at all year!  (love the kiddo, but MAN I went home exhausted EVERY single day) He is still in my district and I have already talked to his teacher so I know that I will still get updates on how he is doing. 
On top of that I have 2 kiddos absent today!  So I am currently teaching 16 very well behaved children today.  I am a little bit worried that someone switched kiddos with me and that my very active, love to tattle, constant storytelling darlings will be back tomorrow. :)  I am completely keeping my fingers crossed that they are all just growing up and outgrowing some of their immaturity.  I have been telling them that they are 1/2 way done with 2nd grade and are heading towards being big shot 3rd graders so maybe that tactic will work for awhile. 
This week we are reading The Day Jimmy's Boa ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble. This book is always a hit with our kiddos and I love that there are other books in the series.  We are working on cause and effect, retelling, etc., etc., etc. :)  Of course we have to throw some fun and movement into the mix too!  In both Katie's class and my class the more we can keep the kiddos moving, the happier life is for all of us!  So we did a Boa Constrictor scavenger hunt.  Like most kiddos, anything non-fiction is usually a hit with our classes.  So we bribe our little darlings to finish their work on time by telling them that when they are finished they can go on a fact scavenger hunt.  Sneaky teachers!!   I swear they LOVE these activities and really still have no clue that they are still learning something!!!
If you would like a copy of the Boa Constrictor Scavenger Hunt that we made just click on the link and head to TPT to pick it up for free!!!
We just cut the clues apart and put them up around the classroom and as kiddos finish work we give them the question papers and a clip board and turn them loose to learn all about boa constrictors.
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  1. Thanks for the freebie! Steven Kellogg is coming to my school in April and we're so excited! We're just starting to pull some ideas together and this well definitely be added to our "must do" pile!

    A Pirates Life for Us

    1. well=will...duh! :)
      Haven't had my coffee yet!

  2. I love all of your materials! I would love to win!

  3. Hi! i just found your blog and I can't wait to read through it all! I'm especially interested in this scavenger hunt but I can't seem to find it it on TpT. I am teaching this book this week, and I would love this as an extension activity. Can you help me out with this? Thanks!