Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magical Product Swap

Hello and happy Saturday!
We are so excited to be participating in the Magical Product Swap.
We missed this the first time around and were kicking ourselves later, because it looked like so much fun.  Sooooo....we were watching like hawks to make sure we didn't miss this round!

We were paired with Nicole Rios from Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade.
Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade
She has a really great blog and a tpt store with a ton of FABULOUS items!!  If you have not checked out her blog and/or her store you really should!!! 
So after looking through all the wonderful items in her store and hemming and hawing over which one to pick (we want them all!:)  we decided on Nicole's Place Value Around the Room Activity/Center.  It is adorable and really great because their is tons of differentiation for learners.  Both of our classes totally loved it because we let them work on it as they finished their math assignment and they were so excited to move around the room and look for the cards that would help them fill in the recording sheet.  This can also be used very easily in a center, but for our VERY active kiddos this year the movement around the room was wonderful. 
(for some reason, even though this picture is the right way when I upload it, it keeps turning! Grrrr....) :)
These pictures show how easy it is to assemble this activity. We just printed off the cards and laminated them. You could also make them on cardstock or just print them off year to year. Then we printed off the version of the recording sheets that we wanted to use. After that we put the cards around the room. Finally we set our kiddos loose to work as they finished their math work for the day.

In honor of The Magical Product Swap we are having a sale in our tpt store through the weekend!  You can head on over and save 20% off of all of our items!!

We are also giving away the product that Nicole is reviewing!  If you would like a chance to win our Common Core Math Games for Second Grade then just enter below!!

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  1. Yes I've visited TpT and the Magical Product Swap. I think it's a fab idea having teacher bloggers review products! It gives us buyers a better idea as to what we are purchasing (and if it's worth it!).

  2. I did. They are great ideas and materials I could use in my classroom.
    My Second Sense

  3. They both look fantastic...and who couldn't use more math games?

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. They look awesome! Math games are great!


  5. Katie and Lisen, thanks for reviewing my Place Value Around the Room packet. I am glad your kids enjoyed it, and I appreciate all the nice things you had to say.

    I had so much fun with your Fourteen Common Core Math Games for 2nd Grade. I can't wait to have the kids play the rest of them when we return to school on Tuesday.

    Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

    1. Yay! Glad you liked them :) Our kiddos LOVE playing math games and LOVED your Place Value Around The Room. I had to laugh when I took a closer look at our picture of the two girls in the hallway....I love that we have a bag of pretzels on the bookshelf. You know, just in case we get hungry in the hallway! Ha!

  6. I love love the Place Value Around the Room! Also, it's great how you can make Common Core learning fun with math games.

  7. This product swap looks funs! These resources were added to my wishlist. something that my kiddos would be able to use in the late spring!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  8. Great post on a great product! Thanks for showing pictures of your kids as they worked on it in your room.

    Heather at TeachItToday!

  9. I love this product swapping blog posting! What an awesome way to get traffic to your blog and share some amazing resources! What a great time to be a teacher!,

  10. Great products and fun too!

  11. Thanks so much! What a great opportunity.

  12. The product swap was great and so were the 2 products you mentioned! The place value read the room uses important vocabulary needed in a 2nd grade place value unit. The common core math games is a fabulous price for terrific games:)! Thanks for the giveaway.