Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fact and Fiction Sort

This week our story is The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins and we get to do one of our favorite activities with this story.  While reading this story we always touch on fiction and nonfiction books.  Our kiddos love anything hands on so with this we do a fact and fiction book sort. 
Back in the day when colored copies were not life or death I color copied several sets of fiction and nonfiction book covers from our school library.  Then I had them laminated at school and have been using them ever since! 

I start off by giving each table group a set of the book covers and have them sort them into 2 different piles.  Then we talk about why we sorted them the way that we did.  Then I have the kiddos look in their book holders (on the back of their chairs)  and see what types of books they have at their desks.  As a table they sort these into stacks.  As they sort them they have to tell their tablemates why they are putting them into the particular stack. 
Next I pull out all of my extra book orders.  I'm sure we all have these coming out of our ears!!!  I always save them for this particular project. 

My kiddos are always so excited about getting to use book orders for this activity!  Go figure!!!  We look through one of the book orders together and I ask them about different books in the order and we vote on whether they are fact or fiction books based on the cover page they show. 
Then I hand out these.  (click on the pic to grab a copy if you want)

I let the kiddos take a certain number of book orders (usually about 3) and start adding book pictures to both sides of the paper.  They have so much fun with this and usually do a really great job!  It seems that it is still fun to cut and glue in 2nd grade!
Finished project!

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  1. We do the same activity in our classroom! My kiddos also still have to cut and glue :) Gotta love the mounds of scholastic book orders! Great activity :)