Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Holiday Free Draw Coupon Freebie!

Our kiddos don't usually get to draw just for fun in our classrooms.  We are so busy that pictures and drawing generally have to accompany an assignment.  We also don't use markers a ton because it is just hard for kiddos to draw neatly with makers.

This is where our Holiday Free Draw Coupons come in....
We give these out as part of our teacher gifts for holidays.  Our kiddos LOVE them since drawing just for fun is usually limited to art class or indoor recess.  Our rules are that the kiddos can redeem them only when all work is finished.  They can also use new paper instead of scrap paper and markers during this time.  You've got to love when a free to the teacher gift ends up being a student's favorite type of gift!!!

If you can use these feel free to click on the link above and grab them from our TPT store!

Happy almost Valentine's Day! 

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