Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Currently & Belated Birthday Sale!

We are linking up with Farley for her July Currently!  Click on the picture to check it out.

Katie is crazy busy right now so I am flying solo on the currently this month!  Here is it! :)
Listening:  All 3 of my kiddos are actually asleep at the same time right now!  Granted, Lucas will be up and ready to eat in a half hour or so, but I am sure going to enjoy my hour of quiet time. Now I just have to decide if I want to catch a cat nap or watch New Jersey Housewives!
Loving:  Oh I had just absolutely forgotten how snuggly newborns are! My twins just turned 2 and I mostly hear, "No thank you mommy", to anything I do..especially if it involves cuddling.  I can usually get some snuggle time in at nap time or bed time and any other time they are too on the go to stop and snuggle with mommy.  So I am thoroughly enjoying that this little love bug wants to snuggle 24/7.
(Head over heels in love with this little man!!!!!)
I am also loving watching my girls be so very sweet with him.  They are so in love with him too and really never leave him alone.  If he cries at all they both come running to find me yelling, " oh no, brother cry, oh no",  Here is a pic of Brylee "chatting" with him one morning.
(Please excuse the blurry pic.  I only had my camera phone but this was too precious to pass up on.)
Thinking:  Where has the time gone!!!!???  A whole month has passed and my summer is almost 1/2 over.  I am so glad that I get 6 extra weeks with my little ones before I start back.
Wanting:  Sleep...I have a newborn so this is probably pretty self explanatory. :)  At least we get a lot of one on one bonding in the middle of the night.
Needing:  A common naptime for ALL my kiddos so that I have a few hours of work time each day....not happening yet, but I can hope!  I have so many things I want to complete and get up on TPT but I have to find some work time!
Tips, Tricks, or Hints:  Don't sweat the small stuff.  I used to worry if we didn't blog consistently or didn't get new products finished as quickly as we wanted but I have come to realize that life gets in the way and that happening is just, well....LIFE!  My family has to come first and as much as I absolutely love blogging, it has to fit in when my kiddos don't need me.  I tried the staying up late to get it in but I felt like I was not a very fun mommy when I was lacking sleep (my husband confirmed this!:)  So I realized that I needed to stop stressing and just blog when I could.  I know that I love reading my favorite blogs no matter how often they are able to (or not able to!!) blog and I just have to hope that no one gives up on us because we are infrequent summer bloggers! :)

Here is a  picture of my girls enjoying Deanna Rose Farm instead of being bored while mommy is on the computer!  So much more fun for all of us!!!
 I also wanted to share a totally random pic of the CUTEST onsie I have ever seen.  We call our little boy Little Man most of the time and I found this at Carters today. If you have a Little Man you just might need to stop in and pick one up!

We are also having a quick 2 day sale in our TPT store.  My bday was yesterday and I am just now getting around to having a birthday sale! So if you have anything from our store on your wishlist you can head on over and pick it up for 20% off!
Happy July!!!

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    Happy Late Birthday!!!

    Beth :)

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