Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best. Classes. Ever!!!!!!!!!! Plus a few freebies!

Oh.My.Goodness.   Seriously, these are the best classes ever!!!!  Katie and I are having a facebook war over who has the best class.  She keeps posting about how her class is the best class and I have to comment and then post how she is a bit delirious from all the back to school activities, because I really have the best class!  We both had a rough group last year and ended the year happy for the summer and to pass the majority of those little friends on to their new 3rd grade teachers. What an awesome feeling to come back to this group this year and to realize that the kindergarten and 1st grade teachers weren't joking when they said we would love these kids.  They are so stinkin sweet, kind, and hilarious.  On top of that they listen, follow directions, and do their best work!  Does anyone else feel like if you have a REALLY naughty group they are usually followed by a bunch of sweetie pies?  That has been my experience in the past and it happened again this time.
We wanted to share a couple of little freebies with you.  We usually brainstorm our class rules and then write them on a poster, but this year Katie decided to do something a little different.  After her class brainstormed their rules she created posters of the rules to hang on her wall.  They turned out SO cute so we decided to share.  Simple little thing, but we love them! :)

Click on any of the pics to grab the set from google docs!

Another fun thing we are using this year was born out of necessity!  We forgot to order birthday pencils this year.  This was a dilemma because we always give out birthday pencils and we have a ton of siblings this year.  So dogonnit these littles are expecting birthday pencils like their siblings got!  So we used some of our favorite Melonheadz frames and created little birthday pencil toppers.

If you would like to grab the birthday pencil toppers just click on the pic to get them!
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