Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm Done With My Work....Now What???

I’m done with my work, now what???

I think we have all heard this a thousand (if not more) times!  I don’t know about you, but I get exhausted from constantly    repeating the list of options that are available after work is completed.  I could tell the same child, the same list, 20 times in a row and they would most likely STILL ask me what to do!

I have had a few years of tougher classes who had some problems with self control and work completion so I haven’t really had the opportunity to offer extra choices for the last few years.  However, this year’s crop of kiddos are AWESOME!  They are so self motivated to finish work and LOVE to move onto something else.  I seriously am in hog heaven with this group!  If they want to keep learning then I want to give them options!

While I was gone on maternity leave my wonderful sub also got tired of hearing kiddos ask what to do after work completion.  So she made a list of options and wrote it on the board. 

Great, right?  Yes, it was, but when I came back I decided to do something a little more fun with our I’m Done With My Work list.  I made one of these posters about 4 years ago with another great group of kiddos and decided to bring the idea back out with this group.

 My kiddos loved getting to model the options and are having so much fun seeing their picture or their friend’s pictures on the poster.  So far they are also using the poster as a reference instead of me!  Woo hoo!!! Here’s to hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off!  If it does at least I can point to a really cute poster instead of repeating myself over and over! :)

 (The cute frame at the top of the poster is from Teaching in a Small Town and the font is MTF Jumpin Jack if you are wanting to make yourself a poster and like the headers in this one!)  :)

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  2. I love how you added pictures to your list! My students also like to do "board math" on slates with markers, and to quiz each other on their spelling words:)

    -Beach Teacher
    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

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