Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea Birthday Crown

Hello and welcome to another Bright Ideas Link Up! I hope you enjoy our Bright Idea and I am so excited to check out a ton of other bright ideas myself!
Please, please, please tell me that everyone has a box like this somewhere!!! Hopfully your isn't quite as messy as our is!  We are in the midst of packing up for a school renovation and this box seemed to explode!  Of course, putting border away is always like trying to catch a greased pig!
Have you ever finished putting border up on a bulletin board and wondered what to do with that little bit of leftover border?  It isn't enough for another board, but you feel like you are wasting money if you just toss it.  Well we have a solution for you!  Katie and I have always kept our leftover border...just in case.  Now mind you, just in case, didn't come very often, but we still kept it!  Then we finally came up with a great idea for it! 
What kiddo doesn't love wearing a birhday crown?? The problem that we have run into is that they are pricey!  As our school budgets have gotten smaller, so have our classroom spending budgets.  We now get $50 at the end of the year to spend on essentials for the beginning of the next year.  So we try to use it as wisely as possible. 
Enter the homemade birthday crown!!!  We let our kiddos pick out the type of border they would like from our leftovers box and then we turn it into a crown!  The kiddos love it because they pick the border and we love it because all we need to do for prep is to print some crown options on cardstock.  Easy peasy, mac and cheesy!!! Below are some of the different crowns we have used in our classrooms.
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  1. What a clever idea!!! I have a cabinet full of bulletin board borders that are waiting to be tossed... looks like I will be making birthday crowns next year! :)

    EduKate and Inspire