Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fine Arts Fair Night = Craftivity & Writing Mania

Tonight is our school's Fine Arts Fair.  Our band and orchestra will be performing and our Art teacher has been hanging some fantastic artwork all around the school.  Parents and kiddos will come to school tonight and enjoy walking around the school and looking at all the artwork.  
Of course the kiddos will be stopping in their classrooms to visit and pick up their artwork portfolios from their desks.  That means that we needed to get our rooms and pod hallways artified!  So Katie and I went crazy with our Spring Craftivity and Writing Activities!  We made sure that our pod hallways and classrooms were colorful and full of writing.  We think out kiddos will have fun showing off their artwork to their families tonight!  
Does your school have a Fine Arts Fair??

"Somebunny" Loves Me Craftivity and Writing Activity
"Chick" Out What We Love About Spring Craftivity and Writing Activity

 Something to Tweet About Craftivity and Writing Activity

If you would like to check out the bundle of all 3 spring craftivity and writing activities  click below!
Glitter Words
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  1. I love all 3 of them, but especially the chicks. Cute!