Saturday, August 11, 2012

TPT sale...Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!

It is that time of year again!  We are all heading back to school and TPT is having a sale August 12th & 13th to help us pick up all those goodies we have had on our wishlist!  I am SO excited.  I am lucky that my hubby doesn't read this blog because if he did he might hide my debit card! that I think about it, I might need to find where that went.....   My girls were playing with my wallet yesterday and I think I saw them running around with the contents at one point.  Looks like I will be digging through the toy boxes and looking in the couch cushions because there are def some items that I want to get to start the year off with! (Sidenote...While daddy was watching them yesterday they put the tv remote in the dishwasher and he washed it...hopefully my debit card isn't in there!)

We are participating in the TPT sale.  All of the items in our store are 20% off PLUS if you use the TPT code B2S12 you can get another 10% off.  We linked up with Blog Hoppin to advertise our sale and they had the CUTEST sign, BUT my computer hates me!  For some reason it won't let me add pics today and Katie is in the midst of bday party craziness so we can't use her computer to blog right now. 
Sooooo...basically I can't show you the cute sale sign, pics of our items, etc....BUT you can check both out by visiting Blog Hoppin for the sign and links to blogs having sales or by heading to our TPT store. 

We have been working on lots of new Common Core items to use in our own classrooms and they are also up for sale at our store so check them out if you are interested!!
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