Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Favorite Thanksgiving Books

Happy Tuesday! 
We are loving that it is November and have started having fun with all things Turkey!  Some of our favorite books to use this month are The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger and ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey.  
We have really fun art activities that we do with both of these books. 
With The Great Turkey Race we help the turkeys get away from Farmer Kate and Farmer Pete by running faster.  Of course, one of the best things to help a turkey run faster is...tennis shoes!  Right?  :) 
The kiddos started out by taking their tennis shoes off (a total hit) and putting them on their desks so that they could use them as reference. 

We talked about the size of the turkey's shoes and discussed how to use the space on our paper.
Then they drew the shoes with pencil.  
Next they outlined them with skinny black markers.  These are a staple in our classrooms!!!!! 
Finally they colored them in with crayon or colored pencil.  
The next step is to paint a turkey.  We looked at different books to get an idea of how our turkeys should look. 

Finally, after the turkeys were dry, we glued on the tennis shoes and our turkeys were ready to escape being Thanksgiving dinner! 

With 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving we decided that the best way to convince people to let the turkeys go was to offer them a yummy alternative to a turkey dinner!  We started off by brainstorming as many substitutes for turkey as we could possibly think of.  
Then we drew our turkeys actually holding the item that they are trying to convince people to eat.  We used crayons to color them in because my sweet friends this year tend to rush and get messy with most art projects. Crayon pictures tend to turn out the best for us! 
Finally we added a slogan at the top and wrote a few sentences encouraging others to try the alternate food instead of turkey. These are always fun to hang out in the hallway in November.  When our first grade friends are taking restroom and drink breaks we can always find them checking out the 2nd grade posters!
P.S. This is my sample with marker.  After all our hard work I forgot to take an actual picture of the cuteness that was my student's work!!!

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  1. Love it! Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITES!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I know we all have our favorite books, but it always nice to find out about other books!


  3. I love The Great Turkey Race! I bet the kids get a total kick out of getting to take their shoes off! I am going to give this art project a try!!

    Teaching with Hope