Friday, November 8, 2013

Five For Friday

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After a rough year last year (the whole grade level!!) both Katie and I are blessed with dream classes.  Out of my 17 kiddos this year, 10 range from 4th-7th grade reading levels, 5 are on grade level, 1 is just slightly below, and one sweet boy needs a ton of TLC.  Since I have so many high fliers I decided to give them an optional homework project each month.  Their parents love the option and some kiddos do them and some don't.  It is so fun to see what they come up with!  I found these over at A Teeny Tiny Teacher and love that I didn't have to recreate the wheel!  If you would like to check them out click here.
So one of my little darlings is really creative and all about these projects.  Here is what she has done so far for September and October....LOVE!!!!
Oh my, this is trouble!!!!!
Okay, for some reason this pictures hates me and refuses to be facing the right way! Grrrrr... However, I'm sure you get the gist of it!  After weeks of really easy math we are finally starting regrouping and our kiddos could not be more excited!  If you could use the mat in your classroom just click on the picture to grab it!
November Activities
We posted earlier about some art projects that we do with our favorite Thanksgiving books.  Here is a class book that we do with The Great Turkey Race.  If you would like to grab it just click on either of the pics!
These are pictures from home not my classroom, but I had to share.  My girls are readers, voracious readers, they seriously can't get enough books.  We take stacks of books in the car, eat with books next to us on the table, sleep with books in our beds, and read books to little brother constantly. Now they have a tent in their room (thanks Grammi and Grumpa!!!) and have discovered flashlights.  Do you know what is cooler than just reading a book??  Reading a book in a tent WITH a flashlight is sooooo much cooler! 
 Side note, we now must read books before bedtime in the tent with flashlights instead of in the rocking chair!  Have you ever tried to read a book with wiggly 2 &1/2 year olds who don't really understand keeping the flashlight on the book??? That is an adventure in itself! :)
The next picture is of a fun activity that our Parents as Teachers lady shared.  (I'm sure it is all over Pinterest too, but I never make it on their so I don't know!!!)  My girls have loved numbers for quite awhile and are now really getting into letters.  
All you need is an empty paper towel tube and some letter stickers.  (After doing this activity I think I would use a PVC pipe, or something similar so that the stickers don't fall off later.)  You write the letters on the tube and then give your kiddo the stickers one at a time and let them stick them on the matching letter.  As we did this we talked about each letter and what sound it made and a word that started with the letter.  We also talked about their special letters (first letter in each of my girls names)  Amazingly enough when they showed their activity to Daddy later they were able to pick out their special letters and also recognize a few letters after only 1 time playing!!!
(Yes, the letter tube did later become a spyglass:)
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