Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Freebie

I love books, but I really, really love books that have to do with holidays. I think I love them so much because the kiddos get so into them. I was just talking with my kiddos today about how I was going to share a book that I loved with them when one of my kiddos pointed out that I always love all the books! She was kind of right! There are so many great children's books out there and I love getting to be the first one to introduce them to the kiddos in my class each year.
Today we read Turkey Trouble
 and Katie whipped up a quick cause and effect activity to go with the book. If you would like to grab a copy of the activity just click on the picture below.

We also did a quick activity with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.
We needed something quick so that we could share with the Kindergarten class.  So we made the old lady on lunch sacks and cut out her mouth.  Then we made the things she ate and retold the story.  After practicing in class with partners we went down to Kindergarten and shared with them.  This was so easy and quick that the kindergartners actually borrowed the activity from their 2nd grade friend and retold it themselves!  Here are a few pics of what some of my kiddos made.

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