Saturday, March 31, 2012

Allergies and a freebie :)

It is sooooo nice outside here in Kansas. Although we've had A LOT of rain the past two weeks, we have also been VERY spoiled with some gorgeous weather (when it's not raining). It might surprise you to know that I haven't been outside once today. I have looked longingly out the windows at the rest of the neighbors outside playing and doing yard work (ok, I'm not longingly looking at the ones doing yard work) BUT I am jealous of everyone that is enjoying the weather. I (+my three kids,-one husband) am trapped in my house due to this beautiful weather. Huh?!?!?The only negative to this gorgeous weather is that my son has allergies. Awful allergies. So bad that he we can't go outside. His eyes start itching really bad and then they start swelling up, along with his throat. Let's just say he becomes one hot mess. So much so that I kept him home from school yesterday. I couldn't stand the thought of him going outside for recess and having this horrible reaction to whatever it is that is blooming and causing our family to go into hiding.
Anyways, since being trapped inside with my kids isn't crazy enough, I thought I would finish up the question and statement sort that I have been working on. I really only had a few more things I wanted to add which should have taken me maybe twenty minutes, but with my three helpers, it has taken more like three hours...YIKES! If you are interested in grabbing our "Question or Statement?" freebie, click here

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