Monday, March 26, 2012

Heeellllllllooooooo Sun!!!!

It is amazing what a sunny weekend can do for your disposition! We spent A LOT of time outdoors this weekend!
My girls are almost 10 months old and have ALWAYS loved the outdoors. We would bundle them up in the fall and sit on the deck with them when they were tiny and they would spend forever just watching the trees, clouds, barking dog next door, people on the jogging tail, etc.
Since the weather was so absolutey gorgeous I packed up the double jogging stroller (which is only used for walking by me!!),the girls, and my lab and we headed out for a good long walk. Rylan fell fast asleep and Brylee "chatted" to me, the birds, the trail, and herself the entire time! we are back to another work week, but....the sun is still shining! Outdoor recess and kiddos who played outside all weekend are a good combination in second grade.
Another reason I am glad to be in second grade right now is that we DON'T do testing. Thank goodness!!! I don't envy our upper grades their stress at this time of year. Our school always does testing buddies and in second grade this year we have all been assigned a 5th grade classroom to encourage. So with all my extra time (thank you student teacher!) I took some time to spiffy up some testing notes my friend Jenn had made back in the day.

I thought I would share in case you have some testing buddies you need to encourage too! Click here for the testing notes: testing notes
and click here: testing notes
Our principal buys treats for each of the testing days. I think you can figure it out pretty easily but we add a tootsie roll, smartie,starburst, pencil,or piece of gum to each of the notes.
We also like to write a note of encouragment for the first day (great way to practice a friendly letter!). Click here if you would like the letter format that Katie whipped up: Assessment letter


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  1. Thank you for these adorable notes! I know our testing buddies will love them!